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WatchGuard Panda Dome for Android
Protect, locate, and control all your mobile devices

WatchGuard Panda Dome for Android

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Mobile devices have become an essential part of daily life. So much so that most Internet traffic goes through them.

But smartphones are also vulnerable to the virus and malicious software attacks that affect our privacy and security.

That's why it is advisable to protect them just as we protect our computers.

How can my smartphone get infected?

There are many ways a mobile device can be compromised:

  • Apps: they may be infected with a virus embedded in the app's code.
  • SMS messages: they may contain links to an infected file.
  • Emails: they may contain attachments that infect your smartphone when opening them.
  • Web pages: they may include malicious content.

How can I protect my smartphone?

Always install apps from official download platforms. Do not install software from unofficial platforms or web pages.

Additionally, it is advisable to have an antivirus solution installed such as Panda Dome for Android, which provides many benefits that will help you protect, locate, and control your mobile devices, preserve your privacy, and access all Internet content thanks to its VPN service.

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Protect your smartphone with Panda Dome for Android

WatchGuard provide you with the security your Android devices need, thanks to our antivirus and privacy protection features and the ability to track and control them at all times. Plus, Panda Dome for Android is constantly up to date, keeping your devices safe from the new threats that appear every day.

Enjoy all of the features:

Antivirus protection

  • Our antivirus scans every app you download as well as app updates in real time.
  • Scan your files and multimedia content on demand, also through your smartwatch.
  • Use our antivirus to scan any SD card.

Anti-Theft protection

  • Anti-Theft: locate and lock your smartphone (also from your smartwatch). Wipe your smartphone data remotely, resetting it to its factory defaults.
  • Theft alert: get a photo of the thief after three failed unlock attempts.
  • Motion alert: get alerted if someone picks up your device.
  • Remote alarm: trigger an alarm remotely on your stolen device.
  • Anchor to smartwatch: get an alert if your watch and your device get too far away from each other.

Privacy protection

  • The privacy auditor checks and displays the access permissions of the apps installed on your Android™ device (access to contacts, bank accounts, photos, etc).
  • Remotely wipe all confidential data stored on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Free VPN (up to 150 MB/day): protect your privacy and get access to all Internet content.
  • PIN-protect access to your apps with our app lock feature. Protect your and your family's privacy from prying eyes.
  • With the call blocker*, you'll be able to add specific numbers to your block list, stopping unwanted calls.

Features on Android™ FREE FOR ANDROID
Antivirus & anti-spyware
Privacy auditor
Free VPN (150 MB/day)
Theft alerts  
Motion alert  
Remote alarm  
Remote photo  
App lock  
Smart control from your Wear OS smartwatch  
Call blocker*  
*Available in versions prior to Android™ 9.

Minimum requirements:

  • Android™ — Operating system: Android 4 or later.


Download the WatchGuard Panda Dome for Android Datasheet (.PDF)

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