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WatchGuard Multi-Factor Authentication Series
Multi-Factor Authentication Products

WatchGuard AuthPoint

WatchGuard Multi-Factor Authentication Models:

AuthPoint multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides the security you need to protect your assets, accounts, and information. Let your company work confidently and worry-free with the powerful protection of AuthPoint.


  • Online and offline authentication
  • Low TCO Cloud service
  • Mobile device DNA check for strong identity match
  • Web Single Sign-On (SSO) portal

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Authpoint Hardware Token

  • Ready to use with onestep activation process
  • 3-year warranty, 7+ year life expectancy
  • Water resistant
  • Automatically provisioned through WatchGuard Cloud

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Eliminate your company's #1 risk

Quickly and easily close security gaps that leave your company vulnerable to a breach.

mfa easy auth

Easy-to-use authentication straight from your mobile phone

No need to carry tokens - authenticate using a simple mobile app on your phone.

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Quick, simple deployment and Cloud-based management

Get up and running right away. Manage AuthPoint anywhere, anytime with a user-friendly management platform.

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mfa cloud management

Start Securing Your Company Today!

  • Secure a VPN
  • Protect employee logons
  • Secure Cloud applications
  • Set up an SSO portal
  • Stay compliant

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